Month: February 2013

UK Greetings Card Competition

Card Designs

This isn’t anything to do with BA6, however I thought I would mention that I am planning to take part in a competition/brief set by YCN to design a set of greetings cards for UK Greetings.

I had planned to do this over Christmas, and made a start as you can see with creating some christmas cards with my illustrations on them. (These aren’t what I am going to submit) I actually thought that the deadline had been and gone by now. Having been so busy last term with BA5 I thought now would be a great chance to complete this brief while I have a little less time. The deadline is actually mid-march which is fantastic: I hope to send work off before then.

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Initial Ideas


Some initial Ideas on what I could focus my project/s on.

– Another Reportage Project

I feel like there were things in BA5 that I still want to try out. I felt like as I was ill in the two weeks up to hand in my work maybe wasn’t as good as it could have been as well. If I was to do reportage again, I feel like it would continue to help my drawing skills, and with a completely different focus I could continue to experiment with different media.

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Indian Lady

Something I produced toward the end of BA4 which I hope to expand upon, this ‘scraping away at oil pastel’ technique. I like the textures, layers and colours I was able to create through this, which was only an experiment but produced something pretty interesting and different!