Month: May 2014

My Final Piece!

This week and last week has been an incredibly stressful week in pushing to get my final piece perfect for the fabric printing deadline which was this Tuesday. I spent a long time making sure the piece was right and it went through a lot of changes but now I think it is up to my standard and it has been sent to print. Unfortunately and very annoyingly, it’s highly likely that my print won’t be ready for hand in (next Friday) even though the Tuesday print deadline was a guarantee for getting the fabric back for next Thursday, so I have sent the print to be printed digitally also at a0 as a guide, even though I think the final thing will be bigger than that.

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Considering Framing and Composition

Today, as mentioned in my reflective journal notebook I am really pushing to sort out this final piece and focusing on three things to do so which include:

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3 weeks to go and Finalising my Pieces!

With less than 3 weeks to go I am certainly feeling the pressure of deadline: mainly because of the added pressure of preparing everything I’d want to be printed on fabric and other materials. The fabric printing deadline for hand-in is next Tuesday the 12th May which I discovered today and the textiles technician at uni isn’t accepting any more files to print until Thursday so Thursday is my target to have my fabric printed imagery sorted by and Tuesday at the very latest if I want to receive it by the actual day of hand in which is quite scary…

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