Events / Workshops

I am available for Author / Illustrator Events / Workshops and am based in Lincolnshire.

Some activities we could do in the day include;

  • Reading: I have enjoyed reading my picture book ‘Nipper and the Lunchbox’ in an interactive and fun way.
  • Writing / Storytelling Workshops: Looking at different ways to approach a story, learn what’s important in a story, write our own or maybe write a sequel to my book!
  • Drawing Workshops: Experimenting with different ways of approaching drawing and the different mediums we could use. We could gather our drawings and create a big display at the end of the day
  • Live Drawing: I’m more than happy for you to test me with my live drawing skills, this always seems to go down well and is entertaining for all!
  • Activity Sheets: I have a range of book based activity sheets I am happy to bring along with me on the day.
  • Q and A Sessions in which you can ask me anything you like!
  • Learn about Me: How I came to be a Children’s Book Illustrator / Author, how my book came to be and where I got my ideas from.
  • Book Sales & Signing: I am more than happy to bring along books to sell and sign on the day, all of which I am happy to organise and oversee.

My prices are as below:

  • £150 for a talk (1hr)
  • £250 for half a day
  • £350 for a whole day.
For anymore information or enquiries, please feel free to contact me on