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My Easter Card Design in Amelia’s Magazine!

This Easter I decided to enter an open brief for artists ran by Amelia’s Magazine around the theme of Easter. My Easter card design which I scanned and coloured on photoshop can be seen By clicking on this link!

As I mentioned in the article, I really wanted to create something which captured what I love about Easter, possibly my favourite season of the year! I love old vintage greetings cards and the pastel colours they have. I also love spring and the flowers that start to bloom at this time of the year, and of course animals which explains the rabbit and lamb!

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A Birthday Card for Jess

Above is a birthday card I drew, scanned in and coloured in photoshop for my friend Jess for her birthday! I’m super happy with this and managed to get to grips with changing the colour of drawn scanned in line which I have been wondering how to do for a while. I used a limited palette also which worked well. Overall I’m really happy with this and hope to continue to colour in scanned drawings!
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A ‘Back to the Future’ Birthday Card for Dad

It was my dear old Dad’s birthday recently and as always I made him a card. This year I went for a ‘back to the future’ theme and the card showcases Dad next to Marty McFly in a scene from Back to the Future III. I was pretty happy with this! I used ink and watercolour pencil and was happy with the tone and shapes and overall image!

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