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Thoughts on my upcoming MA Children’s Book Illustration!

About three weeks ago I was over the moon to learn that I’d been accepted onto MA Children’s Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University on a part time basis over 2.5 years! I think I’d always known an MA was right for me since the end of second year at university in my BA when I met Anna Bhushan. She mentioned how she had used her BA as a time to really experiment and push herself in her work and an MA to refine her practice as she was still unsure as to what to do, these are and were my feelings exactly. I thought my personal statement was a good explanation of my feelings behind applying for this particular MA. Part of this is seen below:

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Shrinkles for Clutter City

This week I created some jewellery for Clutter City out of Shrinkles! I’d never tried this before and had always been curious of how well they’d turn out I used some frosted ones and normal plain ones and created some hand drawn teacup jewellery. Next time I will probably try inkjet shrinkles to print onto rather than drawing them out as colouring the cups took a really long time! I also think that the ones which were only line drawings were the most successful after all so I could have saved a lot of time!

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