The Yellow Wallpaper

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Videos from BA6 up at last!

This week I’m hoping to have completely re – designed my website complete with the work from BA6 (our last uni project) which is all very exciting. Progress in the things I have been doing have been hindered however as I have fallen ill. Despite this I’ve managed to upload my vidoes / experimental films from BA6 onto vimeo which are there for all to see. Once back at uni I may add a couple more as if I remember correctly I did have a couple of extra ones on a memory stick which I handed in and have left in Norwich…

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The Yellow Wallpaper – Charlotte Perkins Gilman: Final book & Project Summary

This has been another really beneficial term in me developing and improving my working practice. I started the term with ways I’d like to work; expressive, experiential and more organised – all of which I have tried to do to the best of my ability. Like any project I think I could have done even more with if I’d have had more time but am definitely happy with my body of work and outcome.

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Figure behind the wallpaper

Even though this was only a rough idea, I’m pretty happy with the effect I ended up with! As you can hopefully see, I tried to create a figure (abstract as it is) behind the wallpaper. To do this I used the layering of oil pastel. I think this is something I can really develop and am quite happy with the idea!

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