Monday 25th November

Monday 25th November

This morning I had a tutorial with Glyn showing everything I have so far. I tried creating some different solutions to my work yesterday but   AT THIS POINT – I’ve got a lot of development and need to – Continue my process of editing down and SELECTING – Organise my portfolio ‘presenting the work […]

Sunday 24th November

Today I managed to mount everything I have so far which allowed me to think about where my ideas were headed once again. I’ve mounted everything on white card but am considering re mounting a couple of bits onto different coloured paper as some images are rather white themselves and get lost in the paper. […]

Saturday 23rd November

Today I organised my work into sections again, similarly to the pop up show in which I put everything in order from Ideas, to development to finalised outcome. I have realised that I overlooked one big symbol in the story! After looking at imagery I’d initially done of mice, I remembered the 3 blind mice […]

Friday 22nd November

Today I managed to print most of the things I needed which is great, e.g project proposals and all the bits I’d like to try and collage. I even printed my postcard prints for the Stew Sale! I think Im’ going to create a time plan for me to focus on. (See reflective journal book) […]

Collages for Tomorrow 14/11/2013

Collages for Tomorrow 14/11/2013

Right now, I feel pretty stuck. I made some simple collages today to present tomorrow of symbols in the story but I don’t think I like them. They are only ideas on how I can bring the final imagery together but I still feel unsure. I think what I’m struggling with is a way of […]

15/11/2013 Pop Up Show

15/11/2013 Pop Up Show

Today we had a pop up show to show the progression of our ideas so far. I wasn’t looking forward to this as I feel like my ideas are still a little ‘all over the place’. However, When taking time to lay out everything, I could see a progression in my ideas. This was really […]

Results of Studio Project Crit and progress so far

Throughout Monday and last week I had been a nervous wreck in anticipation for our crit/ review for our studio project work. As mentioned, I’d been obsessing over my dissertation and how I could incorporate ideas about framing into a final project whilst neglecting actual image making: I felt very un organised and behind. The […]

Studio Project Crit Tomorrow and trying to Narrow Down.

With tomorrow’s studio crit looming I have spent the weekend in a state of panic that I haven’t done enough work. As probably mentioned before I have been focusing so hard on my research report / dissertation that I have left no time for studio work and now we have less than 3 weeks till […]

Spending the day Thumbnailing and thinking about ideas.

As stated in the title, I have spent the day thumbnailing the areas I’ve highlighted in my copy of ‘Flowers for Algernon’. By doing this and going through the book a final time I was able to really think about how best to illustrate this book and plan my time carefully. All in all I […]

Tutorial and Progress so far

I’ve found my progress to be slow recently due to my uncertainty on the Research Report. I’ve had many occurrences of sitting down and struggling to ‘google’ anything that triggers any inspiration. What I decided to do was to take a step back and read into an overview of Narrative Art, Sequential Illustration and their […]

Initial Imagery

Initial Imagery

Over the past couple of days I’ve been playing around with ink to create different imagery, here are a few examples.     Above I tried to make a really rough, gharish blurry face by letting the ink run each other which came out in an interesting way I thought. However maybe it does look […]

First Review Day of Third Year 22/10/2013

This morning I had my review in which we read each others project proposals and looked through visual elements to accompany this and gave feedback. Overall this was one of the best reviews I’ve ever had. I had a lot of positive and helpful feedback. Some of the main points of my feedback: IN GENERAL […]