Commissions and possible Internship!

Posted by on Aug 9, 2013 in NUA Year 3, Personal Work

This summer is turning out to be a very busy one!

In the past couple of weeks I sought out writers and authors in hope that one, somebody would let me illustrate their work – and I started off with little to no response. However, I continued searching and now have been working on 10 commissions! They are mainly book covers but range from blog illustrations to inside pages of books. I was so suprised and delighted by this sudden interest and as imagined am keeping myself very busy with this! Through this I have recieved my first official commissions and nearly all of the writers are on amazon and my illustrations will be used on sites such as this!

I began with the worry that I hadn’t been able to find an internship this year, so started off offering to illustrate things for free – (only a couple of clients of course) and progressed to paid commissions which is all very exciting!

Through the process of finding out about this, freelancing, payment fees etc, I was suggested to use this website – – for people to pay £5 for a first draft of whatever I was to illustrate. This way if I was (which hasn’t happened yet!) to illustrate something which the writer disliked my time wouldn’t go unpaid. I plan to look into the site further after completing my current commissions!

I began seeking out writers and offered a couple of free commissions as I had difficulty finding an internship this year. My thoughts were that most people I know were interning without pay, so perhaps this starting off for free process would be something I could do as work experience perhaps. Ironically, over the last day or two I have been in contact with a company about an internship! It’s not 100% confirmed yet so I won’t go into detail but it sounds very exciting!