Nipper and the Lunchbox

Nipper and the Lunchbox is my debut picturebook as an author / illustrator, published by Child’s Play in 2018. It will be in bookstores in the UK, USA and Australia and has both Danish and Dutch co editions. Nipper was a real life rescue dog and Richard was his real life owner.

Nipper is a little dog who loves sleeping, dozing and dreaming, but most of all, he loves his best friend, Richard. Every morning, as Richard prepares to go to work, he has to ignore Nipper begging him to stay. One day, Nipper notices that Richard has left his lunchbox behind, and embarks on a mission to deliver it. En route, he encounters many obstacles that challenge his determination. Will he reach Richard with his lunch still intact? 


“Nipper might be just a little nipper, but he is smart and courageous, solving a problem in a resourceful way” – Kirkus Reviews

Featured on local radio station Endeavourfm

Date: 2018
Client: Child's Play