Almost there with the final narrative piece!

It’s been a week with a LOT of development and perfecting for this final piece. Above is an image I made last night after taking on advice from Peter yesterday afternoon about how I was losing the ‘handmade’ feel in the scale of the objects. I wrote about this more in my journal book but basically I printed the imagery off again in similar sizes and to a scale where I had shrunk them all to one smaller size so none were shrunk more than others. After this I re arranged the symbols to see if this gave a better effect and I think it did. This process can be seen in the photo below and the image above was created based on this.


Personally, I do think the revised final image looked better than the image I presented Peter with yesterday, but perhaps I took on the advice too literally. I totally bought all the images together in a tight, compact shape and even though I think it looks better / nicer, it’s lost the feel of reading it and the obviousness of the connections. I’m hoping through tweaking the composition I can amend this as well as trying out a few other things which I discussed with Glyn such as text and hand rendered type. If I can find a middle ground of looking quilt influenced / having a handmade feel size and scale – wise and looking diagrammatic / readable I will be happy. An image below which I was working on yesterday before I made the very quilt inspired image can be seen below, and I think this may  be nearer to a middle ground of these two. The bottom right area with the giraffe and elephant composition has been complimented on a lot.

Finally, what I hope is obvious is that I need to change the ‘character portraits’ which are temporary black blobs in the draft piece. Scarily everyone I showed the piece to today thought they were my serious attempts of silhouette heads which concerns me as they are so bad… Anyway, some images below show the kinds of silhouettes / textures that I have been experimenting with quickly:

I found this image when I looked back from where I was experimenting with sewing into imagery and hope to try this again, sewing letters and words into symbols as this may tie my techniques together and I just think it looks quite interesting.

So overall as of now I am looking at:

– Type

– Composition and a little tweaking

– Refining my images (like the horse who is pretty out of proportion)

– Looking at where the purple bits will be.

By Monday I hope to have another draft to show my tutors and hopefully I can send my things off to print on Tuesday and begin working on my book which I am looking forward to the most now I think! Also, I hope to print it out to scale to see if it looks too big / too small and ask classmates what they think and mainly if they can ‘read it’ or look at it and see something which suggests it should be read and not just a ‘pretty picture’ – my ultimate goal. I also hope to send my portfolio bits off to print on Monday and a rough layout can be seen below: