Dissertation and BA8 initial progress

Posted by on Feb 10, 2014 in NUA Year 3, University Projects

A couple of days ago I finally handed in my dissertation and I am so pleased. As mentioned in my reflective notebook, I had to make a horrible decision in the final week of whether or not I needed to restructure the entire essay and unfortunately I did. This was obviously a massive stress and made finishing the essay so much harder but I definitely think it was worth it.

What I did was did so much research that the essay ended up as a recital of what I’d learnt if that makes sense. What the essay lacked was no where near enough analysis. I had written out the essay in one go and proof read it a couple of days later, a week before the deadline and realised this. Anyway, I got the essay done and filtered down my ideas and hopefully now it is much more concise, analytical and to the point. I’d never really struggled with essays before but perhaps this time I’d gotten so involved with the subject and excited about my research and ideas that I’d made the task much more difficult than it was. Despite these stresses I did find my subject matter really interesting (as seen through excessive research etc) and was pleased with the overall outcome, and pleased that I did make that last minute decision to change it!

At present, I came away from the essay looking to take a break over the weekend and focus on refreshing my mind with ideas for ‘The Color Purple’, my major project. I’ve also taken on 2 side projects. One is a collaboration with a creative writing UEA student where we are creating a narrative together. This ends at the end of the month. The second is a collaboration with a Graphic Design student on rebranding ‘Pilgrims Cheese.’ For me this time after the dissertation will be a chance for me to quickly refresh my memory of my other projects as I was so engrossed in dissertation work and create a time plan in my mind of what I need to do and when.