Project Proposal A

BA6 Project 1: Proposal A


Lucy Dillamore

Project Title:

Illustrating ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Description of project and subject matter: (Issues/themes)

I will illustrate Gilman’s short story- ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’. Some of the issues/themes I will investigate are:

  • Mental health / Paranoia
  • Entrapment
  • Decay
  • Feminism

Reasons for choosing subject matter:

When studying A Level English Literature we had complete freedom over what to do for our coursework essay and what themes to look at. I chose to do feminism and out of a selection of suggested reads this was a story that stood out to me significantly from the rest and captured my interest.

I think the main reason for this was the visual language in the story the author’s imagination and as a reader trying to figure out the story as well as being able to see inside (despite being fictional) a mind of someone with mental health issues. The story also picks up on these issues in a historical context, we see what life was like for a woman in the 18th/19th century and suggestions of feminism along with it.

For this project I was unsure of what subject matter to chose but tried to come up with a project around these points which I hoped to expand / improve on this term experienced earlier this year, and things I wanted to achieve in this project:

  • Colour: My work and use of colour in BA4 was commented on and I was told that I had a good use of it! This is something I wan’t to continue to push. I felt like ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ would be a great story in which I could to continue to develop my skills and understanding of colour. The colour mentioned in the story and the decaying bizarre shades of yellow are what really caight my interest in the story.
  • Media Experimentation & Development: I still feel like I’d like to try out as many different ways and means of creating imagery as possible as this will all help me develop a ‘style’ for myself.
  • Realism? I’d like to try and experiment with a more realistic approach with this project. Not necessarily aiming to create a final set of illustrations that have a realistic style but experiement with this at least as the last time I did this was at A Level!
  • Mood & Emotion: For BA4 I went down the route of ‘object’ rather than ‘character’ or ‘location’ and felt like my illustrations lacked emotion or mood, in fact I was worried that they looked a little too decorative. ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ is such a dark and emotionally complex that it will be hard for me not to show mood in some way!
  • Impact / Visual appeal & Interest: I wanted this project to be one which would catch people’s interest and I hope to make it stand out from the crowd almost. ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ is a story which I think has fantastic potential to enable me to do this with it’s dark gothic feel combined with the weird and fascinating description and personification of the wallpaper as well as it’s context and the

Research sources intended to use to gather information for project:

  • Stately homes for location reference
  • Librarys
  • Raw Magazine
  • Outsider art
  • Blogs
  • Internet
  • Forums

Ways in which to challenge approach to developing concepts and drawing languages/image making through this project:

  • Experiment with as many materials as possible
  • Mixed Media
  • Animation
  • 3d
  • Printing
  • Mixing drawing from life with imagination