Month: March 2013

Easter Cards

Over the Easter holidays I set myself the task of designing and illustrating my own Easter Cards! I kept them quite simple, using oil pastel to create different coloured patterned eggs.

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Figure behind the wallpaper

Even though this was only a rough idea, I’m pretty happy with the effect I ended up with! As you can hopefully see, I tried to create a figure (abstract as it is) behind the wallpaper. To do this I used the layering of oil pastel. I think this is something I can really develop and am quite happy with the idea!

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Initial ideas for the yellow wallpaper and boston project progress

The Yellow Wallpaper

Today I went through the story a number of times, highlighting interesting words and phrases about the story and started to play around with some different materials to see what sort of colours I can create. The photo below is an example of this. It feels good to get stuck into creating imagery as I worry that (like this case again almost) I get too involved with research to early! The image to the left is using chalk pastels and the right I experimented with layering of oil pastels.

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