Month: March 2013

Feedback, my project proposals and progress so far

It’s been a long week of reading for me! I posted a thread on Reddit asking for advice

on what would be a good story to illustrate. I spent time reading through these stories and after much debating went with ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ which I mentioned previously, purely because I have background knowledge of the story.  This is an idea I presented at my tutorial and one we decided that I should pursue over Easter.

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UK Greetings competition card designs

These are the final 6 designs I submitted to the UK Greetings card competition. I looked at designs of the back of cards in supermarkets to aid me in my card design, I tried to keep it looking professional.

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Sketches from Spain

In the last two weeks I had to go to Spain for my granddad’s funeral. With no internet and/or shops in walking distance and no access to a car, I tried to do a few sketches of things around me just to keep drawing. They aren’t very impressive in my opinion and some worked more than others. I didn’t have a wide variety of media to chose from!

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