Visiting my old Secondary School, Boston High School

Recently I was kindly asked to return to my old Secondary School and sixth form, Boston High School, to talk to pupils on International Women’s Day about my progress and uni courses.

I had the chance to talk to sixth formers and a class of year 8’s and took pretty much every project I’ve done over the past 4 years! It was great so see what they thought about my work as well as give some advice to those considering applying for arts courses when they finish school.

The students had such enthusiasm for what I’d done which was lovely. I spent most of the day sat with my sketchbooks and papers spread around me, and groups of pupils would come to look through the work and chat. Having done my last project on ‘Boston’ the year eights seemed to really enjoy looking through these books and spotting the places I’d drawn at.
What I also found really interesting was seeing my work through their eyes. They would point out things that I do such as focus on small areas of a picture to details which I’ve found interesting.
IMG_20150324_133002Overall it was really nice to go back to my old school and see my old teachers of whom I’m thankful for to getting me where I am today! I hope the pupils found me as interesting as I found their opinions on my work!