15/11/2013 Pop Up Show

Today we had a pop up show to show the progression of our ideas so far. I wasn’t looking forward to this as I feel like my ideas are still a little ‘all over the place’.

However, When taking time to lay out everything, I could see a progression in my ideas. This was really helpful for me to see an overview of where the work was going and think about what I needed to do, whether I was responding to my project proposal and how the work could fit in a final product. It really made me think about how I was learning and I realised that this project has really turned into an exploration of how to tell a story and identifying with the themes within a text.

Opinions from other people were also encouraging and insightful. Everyone commented on the 3d elements I’d played around with and the colours. For the show I tried to bring together the materials I’d been experimenting with by creating some simple collages of symbols in the story, one of which being a tv shown in another part of my journal. I will continue my experimentation by making this 3d.

We have less than 2 weeks until hand in which is worrying but I think I have enough time to really bring everything together and consolidate everything! I really want to illustrate the story the best I can and make the final imagery interesting as I am really enthusiastic about the story as it was a great read! Hopefully whatever I create will encourage onlookers to look at the story and will say something about it that isn’t obvious…