3 to 4 weeks to go and Crit feedback

Yesterday I had a crit reviewing my progress so far and was able to get everyone’s opinions on some of the things I’ve been stuck with which was a huge help and a relief.

The main thing I’ve been struggling with is making my imagery sequential and making what I have so far more relevant and interesting as at the minute my work could be seen as a selection of symbols on fabric with not much meaning. I also had questions on how I’d mounted everything so far and wanted to know if the imagery I’d created so far for my graphics collaboration was okay.

Here is a detailed summary of the solutions to my questions:

What more can I do with my fabric printed imagery?
The general feedback for this was that yes, I do need to keep refining the symbols as some are still a little ‘generic’ and I can re – print this at a large scale one these amendments have been made.

How can I make some Sequential imagery with what I have so far?
This crit was so helpful in that it allowed me to see that I was over-complicating everything for myself. In my head I have been envisaging a set of images on a wall which are new and which I have been experimenting with text to create. What we discussed was how my printed piece can still be a sequential image / set of images, even though they aren’t in separate pages or on a wall.

I basically need to focus on making the images on my quilt convey a narrative and I can do this in a variety of ways:
– Through SCALE of the images

These are all things which I have been thoroughly researching! I almost answered this anyway before my crit, making a note in my Reflective Journal asking ‘How can I show a sequence?’ I thought about Diana Molzon and how she manipulates the foundations of the canvas to convey meaning, I need to do this with the quilt. I have so much research on this so this is my next step. Also, I should keep in mind the things I learnt from my dissertation on The Narrativity of the Frame which will help greatly with this!

Is how I have Mounted my work so far Ok>
I have mounted my work so far on coloured paper which everyone agreed was ok. However, instead of using a portfolio it was suggested I mount my work in acid free photographers sleeves which I still need to look into. Instead of mounting my work I may just print my work straight onto a3 sheets if that makes sense. This way I can save time and avoid spray mounting.

Overall, everyone agreed that my graphics imagery was fine and I should just keep doing what I’m doing but just make sure the patterns are vibrant like the strong lines in the imagery. I hope to finish this collaboration soon and am looking forward to seeing the final outcome! I also saw our uni’s careers advisor in the afternoon and he said that my cv was fantastic and that I only need to tweak my personal statements a little which is a huge relief. I am so pleased I did these over Easter now! As of now a simple plan for me is:

1. Making a long sequence piece with the fabric imagery I have so far
2. Then I can apply this to books or print.