The Color Purple- Imagery printed onto Fabric!

This week my imagery was printed onto fabric which is something I’ve never done before and a very exciting part of this project for me!

‘The Color Purple’ is an epistolary novel, made up of letters in communication between protagonist Celie and eventually her sister Nettie. Individually, the letters don’t bear much meaning but when brought together in the form of the whole novel they have meaning. With the symbols I created, these don’t have much meaning separately in a similar sense but when bought together, links can be made and a narrative can be seen. At this stage, the imagery I printed onto the fabric can still be refined but I think this is a good start which I am happy with.

The material I was able to print on was a thick cotton with a lot of texture which I am pleased with. I printed my quilt inspired ‘symbol imagery’, some painted portraits and symbols separately which I can now experiment with over Easter: sewing into them, making connections and adding borders perhaps. Below are some photos of the imagery on fabric!