Considering Framing and Composition

Today, as mentioned in my reflective journal notebook I am really pushing to sort out this final piece and focusing on three things to do so which include:

  • Sorting out the images of Celie and Nettie and possibly other side characters: Corrine, Sophia and Shug.
  • Making sure all the images are perfect and there is an authorial voice throughout
  • Finalising the composition of the piece.

One of the most important factors aside from how the piece ‘looks’ is going to be the composition as I really want people to be able to read it from top to bottom. With a generic and un complex composition the piece will lose its narrative element but the composition is going to be the factor that guides the eye from the top of the page down. It’s not too essential that every single symbol is connected together and easy to read but this is really what I’m striving towards. When thinking about this and considering additional symbols I went back and looked at some notes I’d made when writing down the symbols. (See below)

This was a visualisation of how I saw the story and how I broke it down- I’d even broken down these notes into segments using line and highlighted important bits. This is what I need to do with my images through playing with scale and composition and even structures within structures as mentioned before. I thought these notes were nice in that it’s a visualisation of how I see and interpret a narrative and my final piece is going to reflect that which is something I’m excited about. In our crits we have often discussed how our work reflects us and like I say, this final piece will hopefully like seeing what I see if that makes sense…

Moving on, after glancing at these notes I addressed my composition so far and began to break it down into boxes or ‘frames / panels’ which I’m hoping is going to give me a guide to work within. This can be seen below:


These are the structures / boundaries I will work within today. I will make a plan out of this and maybe a key of how to read it.

In regards to my character development I am quite stuck with this in getting proportions right and deciding how detailed to have the characters but I think I will end up with something along these lines:

I will continue to work on these points today and hope to report back with progress later….