Initial Ideas


Some initial Ideas on what I could focus my project/s on.

– Another Reportage Project

I feel like there were things in BA5 that I still want to try out. I felt like as I was ill in the two weeks up to hand in my work maybe wasn’t as good as it could have been as well. If I was to do reportage again, I feel like it would continue to help my drawing skills, and with a completely different focus I could continue to experiment with different media.


Illustrating a book/story, sequential Images. I really enjoyed this in BA5, however it’s not something I struggle the most in, so perhaps I should focus this project on something which I need to improve upon. BA4 was probably my favourite part of the course so far!

– Concept art

This is an aspect of Illustration I’ve been interested in but have yet to have a chance to explore it properly, I’m not sure how I could make this into a project though.

– Greetings Cards

Perhaps this could be a ‘mini project’ as mentioned in the brief. Greetings cards is an area of Illustration that I love but maybe this project would be too simple.

Things to try


– More 3d, similar to pop up theatre

– Painting, improve on this

– Life drawing, improve on this also

– Moving image, maybe this is a good opportunity to try this out.


– Begin research: blogs, journals, websites, newspapers etc

– Keep note of ideas