NUA Year 2 Illustration Exhibition – The Stew Gallery, Norwich

Our course have organised an exhibition this week for the work we’ve done over this year. This is the first (not counting ones at school) actual exhibition I have ever been part of and I was really nervous about it on the opening night!

Exhibition 360

I’d been so pre occupied with creating a logo in the week after hand in that I gave myself very little time to create something new based on the exhibition’s theme ‘Limbo’. When I heard we were doing an exhibition I was excited to create new work to summarize my year 2 studies. However, I ended up running out of time, although I did create something which I will mention in a future post hopefully.

Above are the selected images from each of my Year 2 projects and my business card in the bottom left corner. The images to the left are from BA4 in which I illustrated ‘The Prophet’s Hair’ by Salman Rushdie, the images in the center, right and bottom are from BA5’s Reportage project of which I illustrated a local Brownies Group and finally in the top left are those from my most recent project, ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’.

I chose to put around 3 images from each project to show the variety in what I’d done, but looking at it on the opening night on Friday I wished I’d put more images up and maybe spread them out more as nothing in my opinion seemed to link together and clashed quite badly! Despite this I had many compliments on my work which was nice.

Even though I didn’t feel very confident about my work I’m pleased I took part in the exhibition as I have definitely learnt from it. I have also much to my surprise sold a few post cards of various bits of my work from Year 1 and 2 which was great! Overall, some successful elements definitely came out of this and it was a good experience.