Pilgrims Cheese Project

Now that I have graduated and the degree show is over I have a chance to blog about the final outcomes for the Pilgrims Cheese Collaboration I did.

The images below show my illustrations in action at the degree show in my collaborator’s space.

This was a project which took up a lot of my time in my final term of study and which I participated in with agreement that I would be credited for the work I had done, however this didn’t turn out to be the case unfortunately!

One of the biggest successes of this project was that it was actually featured on Creative Review!

However, I wasn’t credited for this or credited at the degree show… or on our university’s website where it also features among my collaborator’s work. This was really disappointing and strange as when I agreed to take on the project it was really emphasised that I would be credited for my illustrations.

I don’t see the illustrations as my strongest work but for the time and effort I dedicated to it I was disappointed about the total absence of credit anywhere! After all, the illustrations are an integral part to the product and the advertising. A couple of students on Graphics had mentioned to me that often illustrators aren’t credited for their work when collaborating with graphic designers in industry, but as this was a project as part of a degree I thought I would be. After a lot of stress and disorganisation it was nice to be seen on creative review overall, and I vastly improved my photoshop skills along the way.