Project Proposal B

BA6 Project 1: Proposal B


Lucy Dillamore

Project Title:

Illustrating Boston: A look into it’s past and present

Description of project and subject matter: (Issues/themes)

I will illustrate my hometown of Boston, exploring some of the ethical issue the town faces today and investigating how the town has changed over recent years.. Some of the issues/themes I will investigate are:

  • Segregation
  • Change
  • Racism
  • History
  • Culture
  • Modernisation
  • Credit Crunch

Reasons for choosing subject matter:

Boston is a town to the east of Lincolnshire, was once home to the biggest port in the UK, was the place the pilgrim father’s set sail from to America and is my hometown.

Boston has recently had some issues with immigration and the towns people disliking the increase in foreign people in the town and being in Norwich, I’ve noticed this more and more on the news. Every time I have returned it has changed! I thought this constant change of a place could be an interesting visual aspect to this project. With a huge increase in the town’s population over the last ten years, it’s said that this has also had a strain on the town’s business and jobs which can be seen in the buildings and shops around the town which are becoming quite run down due to the credit crunch also: another interesting visual aspect to illustrate.

With the issues going on in the town at the minute I feel like Bostonians have been given some unfair negative press. Perhaps in this project I could try and give the people of Boston a voice rather the one they have been stereotyped with in the media by the press. It saddens me when the townspeople are labelled as racists and bigoted so perhaps I could create something which showcases views from all sorts of people around the time.

One worry I have about this subject matter is that I could end up creating something quite controversial. To avoid this maybe I should focus on the idea of change rather than simply focus the project on immigration in Boston.

Research sources intended to use to gather information for project:

  • Local Library
  • Local Archives
  • Local Newspaper
  • People of the town
  • Internet research
  • Continued research into reportage artists

Ways in which to challenge approach to developing concepts and drawing languages/image making through this project:

  • More Drawing from life
  • Drawing people
  • Continuing to mix media and develop
  • Mixing media whilst drawing from life more
  • Recording sound
  • Animation
  • Possible 3d exploration and development