Second day back and Refining Ideas

For the majority of the day we worked in our pairs for our collaborative task which ends next Friday. This has seemed like quite a short task for a two week project as my partner and I seem to have decided what we are going to talk about and how we are going to document it, but we have been bouncing ideas off each other for our individual projects which is good.

We have also had a couple more lectures talking about how to decide what to do and showing examples of past student’s work and how they got there which was really helpful! Some key points which were emphasised to ask ourselves were:

  • What inspires me?
  • Who is your work for? you/others/both?
  • Where does your work fit?
  • What do you need to develop?

From these lectures, I now feel like BA7 needs to be me solving problems I have as an illustrator / in my practice. I need to think about what these are, what I need to develop and how in a short space of time.

Things I should focus on

  • Composition
  • Narrative
  • Colour and experimenting with it
  • Media Experimentation
  • Image with text,

One key point that was mentioned that really sums up what I need to do was-

  • Explore what my visual language is

Overall, I’m still not entirely sure what my visual language is which I suppose isn’t a disastrous thing at this point as Year 1 and 2 were about experimentation but maybe BA7 will be the term where I can bring everything together.

When I think of my three best projects which have to be BA 4,5 and 6 they are all totally different as seen from the examples below!

I’ve looked at the 3 projects and thought about their similarities. I think the main similarity would be the ‘bold’ use of colour.

Maybe I could do something where I could really experiment with different materials, or more try to bring the things I have experimented with together? Perhaps a childrens book or a narrative with fantasy elements would give me room to explore this.

I’ve also dabbled with collage in the past which I wish at times I could have pushed and developed further.

I know I’ve had my ideas on something to do with the gothic and ‘Flowers for Algernon’ and have been worrying about what text I can do, maybe I should focus on what would suit me in solving the issues that I have or things to develop if that makes sense.