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Pilgrims Cheese Project

Now that I have graduated and the degree show is over I have a chance to blog about the final outcomes for the Pilgrims Cheese Collaboration I did.

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UEA Collaboration- The final show and the final imagery!

In my last post about my collaboration with Connie Cubitt, a UEA creative writing student, I mentioned some final imagery which I had created. Before print the next day I made some small changes and arranged the images into the ‘traditional penguin spreads’ of which we were instructed to do. I placed the quotes which I’d chosen to focus on on the spreads with the images. The quotes were ones which had really caught my attention in the narrative. What stuck out for me was the descriptive language and the way an atmosphere was created. When I read the story it was easy to imagine the life of the protagonist and the eerie but magical setting they found themselves in.

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