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Flowers for Algernon Progress – Sunday 24th November

Today I managed to mount everything I have so far which allowed me to think about where my ideas were headed once again. I’ve mounted everything on white card but am considering re mounting a couple of bits onto different coloured paper as some images are rather white themselves and get lost in the paper. I will ask Glyn about this tomorrow in my final tutorial of the term!

It was mounting a ‘head’ silhouette when I had an idea. Could I use silhouettes or stencils to act as a focal point over images? I’ve created so many textures and imagery so far that maybe I just need to almost ‘put a frame around them’

One of the reasons why I think I was drawn to the simple head silhouette imagery is because it reminds me of psychological tests I’ve seen throughout my research file where shapes are placed into holes. The story also has some ‘puzzle – like’ features. I think it would be nice to include some shape as puzzle pieces almost.

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Collages for Tomorrow 14/11/2013

Right now, I feel pretty stuck. I made some simple collages today to present tomorrow of symbols in the story but I don’t think I like them. They are only ideas on how I can bring the final imagery together but I still feel unsure. I think what I’m struggling with is a way of bringing it all together, but if I keep experimenting and pushing the ideas I think I can get there.

The ‘problem’ is that the story is so complicated yet very simple. The story follows the simple rise and fall of charlie’s intelligence, the build up and the deterioration of this. Yet also the story has many symbols and metaphors, characters, flashbacks and underlying themes. I think this makes it a great story but makes me want to illustrate them all! How can I create something that is going to encapsulate all of these themes? I often wonder if I should have done this in BA8 but I am certainly learning a lot about structure and narrative, especially with the information gained from my dissertation on the narrativity of the frame.

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15/11/2013 Pop Up Show

Today we had a pop up show to show the progression of our ideas so far. I wasn’t looking forward to this as I feel like my ideas are still a little ‘all over the place’.

However, When taking time to lay out everything, I could see a progression in my ideas. This was really helpful for me to see an overview of where the work was going and think about what I needed to do, whether I was responding to my project proposal and how the work could fit in a final product. It really made me think about how I was learning and I realised that this project has really turned into an exploration of how to tell a story and identifying with the themes within a text.
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