I was so excited when Papperlapapp magazine invited me to illustrate a story for their latest issue, ‘Chaos and Order’!

Papperlapapp is a bilingual children’s magazine. Each edition of the magazine features parallel bilingual text, which is printed in German and one other language prevalent within immigrant communities in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The magazine currently exists in the following nine language combinations: German/Albanian, German/Arabic, German/Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, German/Farsi, German/Polish, German/Romanian, German/Chechen, German/Turkish and German/English for children who speak German as their first language or whose native language is not very common in German-speaking countries.

I got to illustrate ‘The Order of Things’ by Matthäus Bär which follows the sweet character Mika and her father.

Mika has her own system where, for example, the toy penguin goes in the freezer and the cuddly bear sits on the kitchen shelf next to the honey – because they feel comfortable there. Except that Mika often forgets where she put her things, and then her system can collide with her daddy’s. But there is a solution …

To create the images I used gouache paint and layers of watercolour pencils.


Check out the magazine here:

Date: 2022
Client: Papperlapapp Magazine