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A ‘Back to the Future’ Birthday Card for Dad

It was my dear old Dad’s birthday recently and as always I made him a card. This year I went for a ‘back to the future’ theme and the card showcases Dad next to Marty McFly in a scene from Back to the Future III. I was pretty happy with this! I used ink and watercolour pencil and was happy with the tone and shapes and overall image!

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Mono printing Bunnies

At uni we recently had a Mono Printing tutorial and today in a spare couple of hours I decided to have a go at creating some imagery! Using reference from a video of my late rabbit Sooty, I created a print from laying the paper over the ink and simply drawing onto it.

As a real beginner to printing, I really like the simplicity of this method. I was happy with the results too and the loose feel to the images.

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