Dry point printing

Throughout this term at uni we’ve been having different print tutorials in Anglia Ruskin’s amazing print rooms. Today we did some dry point printing and worked in groups of three to create prints based on seasons: ours was autumn!


The process involved scratching / drawing into clear plastic firstly to create the image and for this we tried a lot of different tools.


We covered the plastic with ink and then wiped it away in areas to create the final image.


Firstly we wiped almost all the ink off and allowed it to remain in the cracks created by the scratching / drawing. On our second go and on a high quality paper, we left a lot of the ink on to make the scene look like it was at night more.


And finally here is our image. I mostly worked on the girl and we tried to depict autumn through fireworks, wind, trees and the leaves blowing within it. Also if you’re wondering why the tree has a face we had to create a mythical creature based on our theme!

I’d definitely like to try this again in the future! Also apologies if this post is short or lacks in important detail about inks and such as they have temporarily left my mind after a long day and a lot of travelling to uni!