Month: October 2013

Happy Birthday Ellen

Something I created yesterday for my friend Ellen who also does Illustration at NUA for her 21st birthday!

Instead of using my graphics tablet for this I drew out the image in pen, scanned in and corrected using illustrator and photoshop, turning the lines into strokes and adding multiple layers etc.
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Ohhdeer Pillow Fight Competition Entry

I was recently encouraged to enter a competition with Ohhdeer to put some of my illustrations onto pillows!

Obviously I’ve been very busy with uni work so I used an image I created in one of our projects last year as well as a couple of personal images I created recently.

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End of our Collaboration Project and Final Outcomes

Today was the end of our collaboration projects! Below are a selection of photos of our final piece. The quality wasn’t fantastic due to the dim lighting in the studio at the time but I hope to get some better images eventually.

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