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Wyberton, Boston, Lincolnshire Coop Team - Lucy Dillamore

Illustration for Wyberton Coop

Like many illustrators I also have a non illustration job to keep those bills paid in case of an arty disaster resulting in me not being able to be an illustrator anymore. So, I work in a local Coop store.

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Boston Lincolnshire ©Lucy Dillamore

The first year of my MA is complete!

Indeed, my first academic year as an MA Children’s Book Illustration student has come to an end already! It’s been a long and somewhat confusing term but I have learnt so much, and so much over the course of the year! To think that before I was on this course I hardly did any observational drawing outside life drawing is crazy. I have learnt so much, so much about drawing, colour, composition, sequence, perspective and what makes a ‘good’ image.

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Dry point printing

Throughout this term at uni we’ve been having different print tutorials in Anglia Ruskin’s amazing print rooms. Today we did some dry point printing and worked in groups of three to create prints based on seasons: ours was autumn!

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